The Problem

All leading brands of architectural shingles such as GAF,ELK, Certaineed, Tamko,and Owens Corning have a 5 5/8 inch reveal. But most Roofers today use a standard tape and mark off every eleven inches. Although, this is easy to understand, and is in use. The problem in using this standard tape layout system it loses one- quarter inch per mark resulting in an average loss of two or more rows of shingles on a 44 sq. ft. roof, or one square of shingles per job. Which means Roofers who use a standard tape for installing  5 5/8  shingles use more shingles than what is needed.

The Solution

The Roofers Tape main feature is the 5 5/8 inch layout system of red points and red arrows. This simple system allows the Roofer to mark every line (5 5/8) or every other line (11 1/4). If Roofer prefers to layout roof on every line he will mark both red points  and red arrows. If Roofer prefers to layout roof with every other line he will mark red arrows only. This system of red points, and red arrows continue throughout the 25ft. blade.

The Roofers Tape allows the Roofer to layout roof at 5 5/8  intervals systematically, and quickly without error. The 5 5/8  reveal is the factory recommended installation guideline.

The Roofers Tape is best for laying out standard size shingles too, because the feet inches on a standard tape is not on The Roofers Tape except at all even feet. The feet indicators enable the Roofer to layout architectural shingles with every other line that has a six inch reveal. For example the Atlas Prolam shingle has a six inch reveal.

The Roofers Tape also has  black points, which are for marking short vertical starter lines or bond lines on standard 3-tab shingles at six inches before all even three-feet.

Note: Installer must determine and allow for all starter lines, first lines, and shingle-overhang according to individual roof.


The Roofers Tape has a .0045" thick blade, a triple rivet end hook, a full set of large easy to read numbers, and is scaled down to one-sixteenth inch which makes it carpenter friendly. The Tape also has a positive lock, a heavy duty spring, and has an impact resistant ABS plastic case. The tape weights one pound. 

The Roofers Tape is made with pride in USA by US Tape, in Pennsburg, PA.

The Roofers Tape offers several solutions to Roofers who install 5 5/8 architectural, six-inch reveal, and 3-tab shingles.

Jobecca Innovations Roofers Measuring Tape

The Roofers Tape/Architectural Shingles​

 *The Only Tape Roofers Need To Install 5 5/8 Architectural Shingles*

Jobecca Innovations roofers measuring tape is made just for Roofers who install 5 5/8 architectural shingles.