The Roofers Tape/Architectural Shingles​


Jobecca Innovations Roofers Measuring Tape  is designed for Roofers who install 5 5/8 architectural shingles.

Jobecca Innovations is a new family owned small business invention company and is operated by Joseph & Rebecca Greenway.  Our first invention "The Roofers Tape" was created from a necessity to save money during the down turn of 2008 economy.

 I (Joseph) have been in the roofing business for 25 years, and as most other Roofers in this region I to was using a standard tape to mark off roof at 11 inches, or every double number(example 22, 33, 44, etc. up to 99 inches) which is a every other line layout method for installing shingles; But using this standard layout method, caused all rows on chalk lines to be installed at 5 3/8 reveal and all bonded lines installed at 5 5/8 reveal.

 Therefore, I discovered using this standard tape method there is a lost of one quarter inch (1/4) per 11 inch layout mark, or every other line. This is a lost of one square of shingles per average 44 square ft. roof. Which means when I used the standard tape I was installing 2 or more rows of shingles on roof than what was needed to complete job. So, in my spare time I went to work designing a tape measure with a layout of 5 5/8 to eliminate this problem. Today I am using the 5 5/8 layout of "The Roofers Tape." I am saving money on shingles, nails, labor, and can layout and chalk off roof quickly, and eliminate mistakes. 

 We knew this tape was a great idea for Roofers, and a excellent training tool for beginners. Where as, Jobecca Innovations was created, and JBI has made available The Roofers Tape to all Roofers who install architectural shingles with a 5 5/8, or 6 inch reveal, and 3-tab shingles. 

 Finally, we know shingles are made with petroleum-based products, and are slower to bio-degrade in landfills. One of our many goals is to provide Roofers two ways to save. In $$ amount and Go Green to leave a smaller carbon footprint by using less shingles.